Stone Cladding Retaining Wall

The dramatic effect has been created using for stone cladding on this sloping retaining wall next to the driveway entrance.

Random Stone Walling Letter Box

Letter box featuring Titian Brown random crazy used as dry stone walling.

Stacked Stone Capping Tiles

Black velvet bullnose tiles have been used as capping tiles for this rustic stacked stone wall.



Rustic Stacked Stone compliment the modern home setting

This rustic stacked stone wall in Glen Waverley really fits well with the landscaping, the overall impression is one of a relaxed yet  modern home.

Stacked stone black ructic

Thee Generations of Experience

Edwards Slate & Stone was established in 1922 and is still owned and operated by the family. Our suppliers are also long lived! This photo shows Steven Edwards with Mr.Tan and his daughter Claire. Mr.Tan has been supplying Edwards with slate products since the late 1970’s.

Three Generations of Experience

Stacked Stone Adds Value to Your Investment Property

Using natural stone cladding is non-fading and long lasting, which is why it is used on feature walls on so many new homes. It also has a natural aesthetic appeal which helps give buyers a positive first impression.


Amber Crazy Paving

Amber crazy paving is equally at home on a feature wall as a pool surround or driveway. Amber is a very dense Limestone & is easy to maintain as a result.



Bluestone in the Adelaide Hills

Our Bluestone pavers are suitable for exterior landscaping. this large format stepping stones feature in this beautiful in the Adelaide Hills. Visit Edwards Slate & Stone for a complete range of Bluestone stepping stones, tiles, pavers and bullnose & drop face tiles.

Bluestone pavers garden

Stacked Stone Cladding in an Australian Setting

Combining stone cladding with other complimentary architectural  and landscape design elements, ensures this home will retain it’s simple beauty well into the future.

Tawny stone cladding

Tawny stone cladding


Black Stacked Cladding

Stacked Stone commenced its life as a feature wall cladding typically used with few other complimentary architectural features. This is a good example of that type of approach.